Cosi essay

The semi-autobiographical play cosi effectively portrays how the composer Louis nowra uses an array of symbols and themes that characters encounter throughout the play. Such as Lewis’s transformation on his own perspective versus societies perspectives on the mentally ill throughout the play write or fidelity and infidelity symbolized through the play in a play of cosi fan tutte and compared with the Arabian phoenix. It is through these themes and symbols that Louis nowra illustrates the various challenges an individual faces in life to the audience.

What would an example of a topic sentence for transformation be ???
Nowra uses the subject of creating a theatrical performance with an association of mental patients as the first challenge Lewis has to over come as he claims to his girlfriend Lucy that” I am only doing this for the money”. Nowra uses this quote as a way of symbolize Lewis’s isolation from the mental patients. As Lewis’ transformation leads him to gradually learn to accept the mental patients his perspective helps the audience to transform their opinion on the mentally ill as well. This is done through the flickering of the fuse box, which becomes a symbol of Lewis’s thoughts and feelings about the mentally ill are changing. In conjunction with this Lewis rhetorically asks himself “ why cant I ever say no? just leave. They are mad. Its madness” this quote shows Lewis comparing the mentally ill who society claims to be “mad” to who himself noted as a ‘normal’ person in society, thinking “mad” thoughts. Cleverly depicting to the audience that challenges individuals face in life can cause them to feel madness and that the stereotypes mad by society are not always correct as anyone can show signs of madness. Therefore the audience comes to empathies with the mental patient for the conditions they face even though they are human beings.

‘Cosi fan tutte’ meaning women are like that is a play about love and fidelity that Lewis and the...