‘Lewis tells Roy, “no one is a success or a failure”. How much does the play support or refute this statement?

The world of Cosi does portray failures and successes but it does not label them such No, what Cosi does is take people that today’s society would mark as failures or successful and prove how this is not set in stone, also that the lines that class people as failures or successes is viewed differently from person to person. Nowra is proving how peoples personality are false and flawed.

Cosi the play shows that most people are pretending to be someone else and if that false person gets called a success then isn’t that a false sense of success. Today’s world is experiencing a incredible false idea of success, we look at billboards and see the ideal us, but that us is false there is no one on the planet that looks like that, it’s all electronic trying to get us to spend our money on the thought of achieving perfection. And perfection is just the top of success, so in reality the world is caught on achieving something that does not exist.   So if we then take a look at the crazy patients from the play they seem to be the ones most open to reality and sure footed people. While outside the walls of the institute the people are running around scared of being outcast.

The patients in the institution have strong voices and know what they want, even Henry who is a stuttering   insecure man, finds is voice and does not hesitate to show is opinion when he or is beliefs are threatened. This is clearly proven when Henry attacks Nick about being a communist, Henry show strong character and prepose evidence that no one is can be set as a failure. I think Nowra set out to prove to society that failures and successful people don’t exist and for the people he couldn’t convinces he shows them that you can be whoever you want as long as you go for it.

This play is littered with the most extraordinary and ordinary people, living intertwined behind the institution...