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Cosi Is shapes by the decisions of significant characters. This i'd say   is very true, Most if not all the characters had a part in shaping the play through their actions, the person that I personally think had the most Is have is the main protagonist of the play, Lewis, His actions vastly effect the direction that the play takes and not just that it also vastly effects his own perception of love and fidelity.
Lewis for starters was only doing this for the money and also hold stereotypical views (just like Nick and the rest) about mental patients. During early parts of the play Lewis has to confront some issues, for example the Fire, Lewis after this event could have easily canned the idea, collected his pay check and gone home. This was Lewis's first involuntary step on his inner journey because he chooses to lie to keep the production going. This decision is the foundation for his characters development. This not only effects him but effects everyone in the project, the patients for example in the long run the play helps   and changes characters(HENRY) comes out of his shell and actually starts to talk and hold a small conversation with somebody, Not only Henry but Julie is also effected, At the end of the play she is released from the institution due to her drug obsession in the outside world subsiding, sadly this does not last and she dies in Sydney due to an overdose.
Choosing a side: Lewis in the play had to pick a side, it was The institution or Nicks moratorium, Lewis comes to see that all of the patients for all their "madness" are more worthwhile and beneficial than his friends so Lewis again stays with the play to get it finished. His inner journey leads Lewis to see that Nick is cruel, selfish and a hypocrite who calls Lewis a "mate" but is sleeping with his girlfriend behind his back. Choosing the play over the moratorium didn't sit well with nick and Lucy, they left and never returned, on the other hand this made Lewis...