The play Cosi tells a tale of protagonist Lewis and his struggles with running a showing of the play Cosi Fan Tutte, with patients from a mental asylum. The characters involved in the play as well as Lewis himself experience there own battles and have there own opinions on love and the idea of free love. Cosi Fan Tutte also based on love is aims to prove women can’t be trusted that fidelity is something they all can’t be trusted to do. ‘This Cosi condones the corruption of innocence. Women are told to be tramps. Free love. Women are not to be trusted.’

Lewis the director finds himself in a relationship with girlfriend Lucy, that itself is untrustworthy. Lewis lives with his girlfriend Lucy who is more interested in politics than love, as well as friend Nick. Towards the end of running the play Lewis is confronted with the fact that Lucy and Nick are having sex, but neither Nick or Lucy see it that way, ‘No she’s sleeping with you, we’re having sex’ is how both Nick and Lucy see the situation. It obvious that Lucy and Lewis have different views on the issue of love, Lucy – ‘ Love is an emotional indulgence for the privileged few’. Where as Lewis describes it, as ‘without love the world wouldn’t mean much’. This shows how even the play Cosi is disapproving of love as well as the opera itself Cosi Fan Tutte.

Cosi Fan Tutte written by the famous Mozart essentially is translated to ‘women are like that’. It tells a tale of two men Ferrando and Guglielmo who express to a to a man named Don Alfonso that there fiancés will be eternally faithful, with Don Alfonso placing a wager, exclaiming he can prove that all women are fickle, and that the two fiancés are no exception. The plan is put into action, yet regardless of the outcome (whether the fiancés were tempted or not) it is obvious from the beginning that Mozart’s idea of love and in fact the plays idea of love is that women essentially can’t be trusted.

Along with Lucy Lewis finds himself in a love triangle...