Influences of corruption on Kyrgyzstan
                “Corruption is like a ball of snow once it has set a rolling, it must increase.” said Eleanor Roosevelt. As it has set a rolling yet in ancient times, day by day the power of corruption increases its waves elapse along all the countries and nowadays we all suffer from such global problem as corruption. My country, Kyrgyzstan, is among these countries, and it is on the 164th place out of 182 countries. When I saw these numbers, I thought that the situation in Kyrgyzstan is not so lamentable in comparison to others. However, living   in this country,   I see how corruption badly influences on us, and I cannot imagine how other 163 countries which are before us cope with this problem. Corruption dents Kyrgyzstan in several ways: in development of the country, future generation and education.
                  First of all, corruption has a great influence on development of the country; it is like an obstacle that does not give an opportunity to go ahead. One reason is when instead of intelligent, clever, qualified employee there are people without sufficient knowledge, who got their work places with the help of money, by bribery. One more bright example is that government illegally sells country’s resources partially exterminating them, so, by such kind of dishonest actions they gain distrust of population. Corruption penetrated into all levels of society including presidency, having caused overthrowing of AskarAkaev, and the Revolution in 2010, ousting KurmanbekBakiev from office. As a result, all this gave a really big impact on an international relations with other countries and on economy of Kyrgyzstan.
                    In addition to development of country, corruption influences on the future generation too. It is known that in most cases children are always with us whenever people go to hospitals, on holidays, even sometimes to work (when people cannot leave their children alone). One obvious example...