Corruption .........the Reality

Corruption …………….. the Reality

By Tayyaba Rana

      We   all love to talk about the corruption of high and powerful.   Our sitting rooms, public places, work places and even functions are brimming with the talks of corruption and stuff.   I always wonder that if   only high and mighty are corrupt then why I always get the milk mixed with water , vegetables on the rates very different   from the government rates, meat soaked in water, don’t get petrol if there is a news in the sudden rise of its price.   Already bought medicine prices rise if there is an announcement of raise on the yet not reached stuff.   Who are these people, some might say they are mafias, as it is very easy to put the blame on it, Karachi is one such example in point.   But I wonder why my gardener comes with breaks with loads of excuses and works halfheartedly although I pay him full.   Sometimes he is so gracious that he stealthily cuts some plants from my neighbour’s house   and takes money from me as he “brings” it from some nursery.   Why my maid leaves the work when I am not watching and mercilessly uses washing powder and electricity as its me who has to pay also she loves to steal food from kitchen and clothes and jewellery whichever she likes. I haven’t seen people be careful about public property also they still give a damn to switch off the lights although we have a great hue and cry in the country due to electricity outages.

I am sure that due to the corruption of the rulers we are “FORCED” to behave like this.   If they are not corrupt, the vendors give full weight, teachers start working diligently, doctors will lower their fee, private school mafia consider better education a right to all and sundry   and army will   leave their perks as country’s economy is in dire constraints.   Private and official guards willn’t talk on cell phones during their duty hours.   How I can forget the bureaucracy and our beloved industrialists and traders, they will at once become the public...