Corruption of Ad in Tgg

In The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald shows the corruption of the American Dream in the 1920s. Discuss.

The American Dream is a common belief amongst American’s and indeed the wider world that through hard work, determination and driving power that one will reap the benefits of financial and personal security. It is a belief that originates from the original European settlers and was furthered backed up by the American Declaration of Independence. In the novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ F. Scott Fitzgerald associates the American Dream with corruption, he does so through the tragic events and characters of the highly successful nineteen twenties novel.

We are shown in the novel that ‘Jay Gatsby’ one of the main characters has a tragic flaw, which ultimately makes him the tragic hero of the novel; Gatsby has a unattainable dream which is too win back the heart of ‘Daisy Buchannan’. Therefore ‘Gatsby’ becomes the embodiment of his own dream, as we learn that Daisy would only be interested in Gatsby if he were wealthy. We know this from ‘He knew he was in Daisy’s House by colossal accident’. Gatsby creates an alter ego, an entire new person in order to win the heart of Daisy. ‘James Gatz – that was really or at least legally his name’, from learning that Gatsby has created a entire new person and become the embodiment of his dream we must ask ourselves the question of whether it is ‘pure’ to become something you’re not, this is were Fitzgerald exposes the corruption, through Gatsby’s creation of the new ‘Jay Gatsby’ Fitzgerald tells us that his is not ‘pure’ and therefore corrupt!

From learning that Gatsby has created an alter ego to win the heart of Daisy, we learn that Daisy’s hand is Gatsby’s American Dream, therefore we can focus on the tragic flaw that Gatsby possesses, we know that Daisy would never leave Tom because of the money after all ‘Her voice was full of money’. After the death of Gatsby we learn that his American Dream was his tragic flaw, and that ‘He paid a...