Corporate Scruples

Corporate Scruples
Bryan Pierce
Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility SOC120
Demetra Ford Esquire
November 29, 2010

Has the world has grown up? Mankind has had an overwhelming desire to obtain wealth. Long ago this was done by guilds and families that controlled trade routes, resources, banking, trading, and the combining of these to be conglomerates or” the big prize”; monopoly.   We know these today as corporations. Some are global, large, small, private, employee owned, non-profit, limited liability and the list goes on. We know these today as corporations.
We know them by the products or services they provide that we use every day and in some cases we work for. They have slogans, names, or logos that we identify to and look for due to preference to avoidance. With the employees, leadership, marketing, legal, accounting, distribution, communications, trade rights, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, databases, privacy, public disclosure and a long list of other responsibilities that a corporation owns. A corporation is entwined in our lives on a multidimensional scale. We will examine the responsibility of these entities to each other, the public, the government, the world and the future in an ethical social responsibility.   We will consider appropriate actions as well as inappropriate and look to how decisions for action and their processes. Corporations have a responsibility to include all stakeholders for ethical response that considers their social obligation to all involved by using decision making processes that are not individual or profit only driven and include the progression or demise of   people directly related or unrelated but could be affected by the decisions of the company.
What is ethical?   It is derived from opinion. There is no standard or universal decree but in recent years concerning certain events ethics has become very important. The New Webster Dictionary says: “Ethical- Relating to morals or moral principles....