Corporate Finance Management

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|SECTION A:                 PERSONAL PARTICULARS                       (PLEASE USE BLOCK LETTERS)                                                         |


Name (as per IC/Passport): KWAN LEE SIM Student ID: MAL12073

Subject Code: FIN600             Subject Title: CORPORATE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT

Name of Lecturer: MR. NGU CHIE KIEN Assignment Submission Date: 27 APRIL 2013

Name of Group Members (if applicable)

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Explanation for Late Submission (if Applicable)

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a) No part of this assignment has been copied from any other person’s work except where due acknowledgement is made in the text and;

b) No part of this assignment had been written for me by any other person except where such collaboration has been authorized by lecturer concerned.

Signature: ______________________________________           Date: 27 APRIL 2013

|SECTION B:                       EXAM COORDINATOR USE ONLY……………………………                                                                                   |

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|Exam Coordinator Use Only                                                                                                                               |...