Corporate Ethics

Jana M. Grubor

Corp Finance

2010 Fall 2

Mid-Term Paper

Professional Quandaries Case Study – Stacey Duquette

Stacy Duquette faces multiple problems in this scenario.   The first problem she faces is a co-worker who is misrepresenting the company.   Phil Hollis is unethically representing Barker Consulting as a company who can provide larger improvements to operating income than previously witnessed and is also falsifying past performance results to a potential future client.   While Barker Consulting certainly appears to have a great reputation of improvement, Duquette knows that the performance results Hollis presented are not valid.
      Tied into this, when Hollis presented these results to Nelson Industries, he stated, “As Stacey studied,” which instantly deferred the information from Hollis to Duquette.   Her downfall was that she did not correct this statement and now she has become part of the falsification.   Should Nelson Industries find out these results are inaccurate, Hollis can return to his statement which deferred the misinformation onto Duquette and he could walk away without penalty.   This could potentially present a problem for Duquette if Nelson becomes a client.
In the meeting, Duquette also faced the problem of overstepping her seasoned co-workers.   This was Hollis’ meeting, yet he provided inaccurate information, which could have easily been corrected by Duquette.   I feel Duquette was only invited to this meeting so that he could falsify information, mention it was not his findings but rather hers, and with her present, calmly placed the inaccuracies to her studies.   Duquette should have professionally corrected Hollis and set the record straight.
      The results of this would have been two-fold; first, Hollis may have lost respect for Duquette and on this assignment could potentially have given her a less than par report, which would be atypical of her thus-far stellar performance, and secondly, Nelson Industries could...