Corn Threshing Machine Operation, Maintenance, Storage, Faults and Solutions

Ⅰ. Corn Threshing Machine Operation and Maintenance:

1. Corn Threshing Machine Operation and maintenance

1.1 Read the manual carefully first.

1.2 Check Corn Threshing Machine as follows carefully.
1.2.1 Check whether there has foreign matter inside of the conveyor trough and the threshing cylinder.

1.2.2 Check whether each part of belt transmission has correct connection and whether the tightness degree is moderate.

1.2.3 Check whether each adapting piece is loose.

1.2.4 Check whether each part of oiling device is filled lubrication oil.

1.2.5 Check whether the safety device is complete and secure.

1.2.6 Check whether the machine placing is smooth and steady.

1.3 Before working, the Corn Threshing Machine should have trial running for about one minute. Check whether the cylinder rotation direction and speed is normal. When the machine’s each part has no abnormal phenomenon, it can start to work.

2. Corn Threshing Machine Maintenance and debugging:

To ensure that Corn Threshing Machine has good working condition and long service life, you’d better maintain the machine as follows:
2.1 Fill lubrication oil on time for each part of oiling device. Maintain the machine once for each 90 hours of working.
2.2 Check whether each connection part is loose and fasten it in time.
2.3 Shut the Corn Threshing Machine down immediately in case of the following problems and find out the cause. Don’t start to work until problems are solved.
2.3.1 The transmission part is blocked or rotation speed has dramatic decline.

2.3.2 Corn Threshing Machine has abnormal noise.

2.3.3 Corn Threshing Machine has strenuous vibration.

2.4 Put the Corn Threshing Machine in the rain-proof or snow-proof places when we don’t use it.

Ⅱ. Corn Threshing Machine Transportation and storage:

1. If the Corn Threshing Machine has elevator for loading, then lay down the elevator when replacing the site.

2. Because the Corn Threshing Machine and the...