Corn Feed vs Grass Fed

Phi Su
Instructor Sanelli
English 96/1A
Beef: Corn vs Grass
Which one is better Corn-fed or Grass-fed? Beef contain many proteins, vitamins and vital minerals which help building human muscles and nervous system to keep human stay healthy. Many people have a bad image about corn-fed beef is bad for human, but people do not realize how corn-fed beef is help the hunger crisis in many decades. Although people think that grass-fed is healthier, it does not help world hunger problem. Also grass-fed create many problems which is grass-fed is too expensive is one of the problems and not a lot of people can afford to buy it because nowadays the gap of the low income is bigger than before. However, corn-fed is inexpensive that many people (especially in the United States) can purchase which provide a positive way to solve the hunger crisis as people said not all expensive food is always good. Due to many problems that grass-fed beef that harm the society, people should know that corn-fed beef have more advantages than grass-fed.
One of the advantages is corn-fed beef do not harm the environment as much as grass-fed beef. People always know that how much grass-fed beef is healthy, but they don’t know how there is a consequence to everything. Grass-fed beef take a lot of times and resources to make it fully grown. According to John Stossel in the article “Natural Is Not Always Better”, he quotes from Dr. Jude Capper, a professor of daily sciences at Washington State University that grass-fed cattle take extra eight months than corn-fed to grow and grass-fed waste lots resources like water, land, energy, and carbon footprint. As Capper proves that extra eight more of resources to make it fully grown grass-fed cattle that wastes tons of resources which can be contribute to other necessities; for example, more land, water, energy to grow crops instead or more cars because grass-fed creates longer and more carbon dioxide which lead to less and less oxygen for human...