Core Values

Honor, Courage, and Commitment:
The Importance of the Navy Corps Values to Naval officers

From the very first day the United States Navy was founded on October 13, 1775, certain key principles or core values were established that led the United States to a victory during that time in the Revolutionary War and have continued even to today to bring the Navy success in every challenge it has met.   Those core values are honor, courage, and commitment.   These three words are the backbone on which every naval service member is established and must be ready to protect our nation and our freedom by.   However, it is the naval officer who leads others into the fight, and therefore it is the naval officer who should lead the others by these values to the upmost importance.   If the naval officer defines his/her life by these values, displaying them in every daily action, he/she will earn the respect of their subordinates and also of their superiors.  

The most important core value that a naval officer can uphold is the Navy core value of honor.   Honor is to hold oneself to high moral and ethical standards, as well as others.   Honor is honesty, justice, and the idea of doing what is right in all situations.   But, most of all, honor is a person’s integrity.   An example of honor is as follows.   A few years ago, a family friend of mine, Shawn Holman, had just successfully completed the Navy flight school in the top percent of his class and was going to be sent to Virginia to join his new squadron.   He was granted a few weeks leave to go home and pack and move all his belongings before having to arrive.   The night before he was supposed to fly out to Virginia, his sister’s wedding was being held.   Shawn went to wedding and drank and had a great time celebrating his sister’s new marriage and his graduation of flight school.   However, he had celebrated too much for too long.   Shawn had to get to the airport right away otherwise he would miss his flight.   He took his father’s...