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Advancements in Modern Police Technology
Christopher L. Kiah
Park University            
This paper briefly explores some of the various advancements in modern police technology.   With the many advancements pertaining to law enforcement technologies and tactics, life as a police officer has become much safer, and extremely more efficient.   This paper explores some of the advancements in Deoxyribonucleic Acid or DNA, non-lethal and less then lethal weapons and munitions, fingerprint processing and the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS), as well as crime mapping and case management tools and programs.   This paper will also briefly highlight brand new and experimental technology called License Plate Reading Systems (LPRS), some of which have already been implemented throughout the United States. Although this paper examines the technologies which have made policing a more efficient process, it does not and cannot contain every law enforcement technological advancement, as there are many. This paper will shed light on key law enforcement technological advancements that have changed law enforcement forever and also provide basic insight on the respective technologies.  

Advancements in Modern Police Technology

Since the early 20th century,   there have been a variety of pivotal technological advancements in law enforcement that have reshaped how law enforcement officers conduct everything from their overall mission to their daily duties.   The technological advancements made in law enforcement also came with a trial and error timeframe, possible legal issues, the related impact on the public, and associated costs with research, implementation, and sustainment.   Although there are many issues that need to be analyzed and resolved prior to the implementation of a new police technologies, each comes with the sole mission of making policing more efficient and protecting the lives of citizens and officers alike....