Many people in the world are parents or are someday going to be parents. My parents were young when they had my sister and me, with very good discipline techniques. As though my mothers parents and fathers parents had different discipline techniques as my parents did.   Many parents discipline techniques can be classified as: no discipline, strict discipline, or moderate discipline.
Many parents do not discipline their children. Whether their child has got in big trouble at school, with the law, or broke the rules at home they will not discipline them. It is mostly the young parents, sometimes older too, who choose to use this type of technique. They think that if they discipline their child for behaving badly or acting out, they will hate them. What these parents do not know is this discipline will not make their children hate them, but possibly help form a better relationship. No discipline can cause a lot of trouble for the parent and the child. It can cause the parents a lot of stress and grief, and the children to get in serious trouble with the law or other things.
Parents with strict discipline are yet doing nothing but hurting themselves and their kids. Strict discipline can cause a child to go wild when they are able to be on their own. This can also go two ways, the children respect the rules and strict discipline, or they disrespect it and go wild when they get away from their parents. For instance, a girl I graduated with her parents were really strict. She had a ten o’clock curfew when she was a senior, and she was taken to and from school even though she had a car. She was also not allowed to go out on the weekends. So, when she graduated she went to UNA and lived in the dorms. Now every weekend she is out partying and drinking.
Lastly, there are parents who practice moderate levels or discipline. This is typically the best kind of discipline because it helps give children a little freedom. The children also know there will be...