Coping with Life Events

Coping With Life Events And Promoting Mental Health And Adaptation.
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This Presentation Is On Coping With Life Events And Promoting Mental Health And Adaptation
I Will Introduce My Patient Taking Into Account The Confidentiality Statement By The Nmc Professional Code Of Conduct, 2008 And The Ten Essential Capabilities A Frame Work For All Mental Health Professionals . I Will Talk About Recovery And Research, And Then I Will Give My Conclusion.
Confidentiality Statement
According The Nmc   Code Of Conduct, (2008) Patient Confidentiality Must Be Kept;
This Demonstrates Dignity And Respect For The Individual. In This Presentationmy Patient’s Name Has Been Pseudomised And I Will Call Him Sam.
Doh, 2004 Developed A Framework Through Collaboration With Service Users To Promote Attitudes Associated With Quality Mental Health Services I, These Are The Ten Essential Capabilities.
All Mental Health Professional Are Expected To Adhere To That Guidance Which Is Beneficial To Both Staff And Patients
Sam Is A 35 Years Old Man With A Diagnosis Of Schizophrenia Which Has Been Maintained On Antipsychotics For The Past Ten Years, One Of Which Is Risperdal Consta Depot 50 Mg. His Psychosis Was Made Worse By Substance Misuse. Shergil, 2009
Sam Is The Second Of Three Brothers; He Was Raised By His Grandmother With Whom He Formed An Attachment
Another Important Attachment Figure Was His Girlfriend Whom He Intended To Marry And Have A Family With.
Sam Lives Alone And Was Working In A Local Firm As An Accountant Until Three Years Ago When He Became Unwell.
The Parents And Siblings Are Very Supportive Of Sam.
An Attachment Is An Emotional Relationship Involving People In Which Separation From The Other Leads To Sorrow And Distress (Bowlby, 1990)
Life Events
A Life Event Is Defined As A Human Experience Causing Disturbance And In Need Of Adaptation Efforts (Rice, 2000)
Goodyer, 1990 States A Life Event Is Any Occurrence In The Life...