Copd Brochure

Learning from a leader
Transformational leaders will inspire their learners through what they have learned and encourage them (Leggat, 2009).   A leader will give the learners support and show new ways to handle COPD (Leggat, 2009). This leader will help learners to manage their disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Leggat, 2009).   A leader will show the learners how important it is to:
  * Stop smoking (Davenport, Estridge, & Zygmont, 2008).
  * Good oral care to reduce infections (Davenport, Estridge, & Zygmont, 2008).
  * The proper use of   inhalers, bronchodilators (Davenport, Estridge, & Zygmont, 2008).
  * Take medicine as directed by the doctor (Davenport, Estridge, & Zygmont, 2008).
  * The proper use of oxygen therapy and neubulization therapy (Davenport, Estridge, & Zygmont, 2008).
  * Give referrals to breathing conditioning programs (Davenport, Estridge, & Zygmont, 2008).

For Help
  1. The Breath and Lung Institute at Hackensack University Medical Center (" - Breath and Lung Institute," 2010)
30 Prospect Avenue, Hackensack, NJ 07601, 201-996-2211 (" - Breath and Lung Institute," 2010)
  2. National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
  3. State of New Jersey
  4. British Lung Foundation

Michele C. De Vito, RN, CRN
193 Johnson Avenue
Dumont, New Jersey 07628
Phone:   201-280-0511

Do not SMOKE!!!

(Microsoft, 2010)
85 % of people with COPD SMOKE (Warren, 2009)

(Microsoft, 2007)
What is copd?
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a chronic disease which affects breathing.   This chronic disease does not get better and will get worse over time (Glastonbury, 2009).   A person will get this chronic disease if they smoke or exposed to pollutants over a long period of...