Cooperate Strategy

1.0 Introduction
All around the world there are people with different culture, life style and background, however all human nature have one thing in common, which is the experience of survival for their hundreds or thousands years of traces. People used to fight against wild animals and enemies in order to protect themselves, and this method of protection has been developed over centuries and nowadays its call in different names in according to the culture and people, which is the martial arts.
Martial art is no longer just a method of protection. It has now formed in ways of exercise, entertainment which involves lots of business industry. As an example Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial art, which teaches more than physical fighting skills (WTF, 2013) originated with 5000years of Korea’s history, but now it’s sparring is one of the Olympic sports and sports performed by people from almost 200 countries. Taekwondo sparring as known as Kyorugi involves two players with fully equip of protectors, head gear and judges to make decision of scoring for the match. In order to have a proper Kyorugi match, there are numbers of more requirements needed so it is now handled by people and company who formed Taekwondo business industry.

2.0 Company background:
KP&P is one of the companies takes pride in possessing Kyorugi protectors and judging system for Taekwondo. The company president JO SEONG GUN made their debut in 2009, at the Korean national sparring match, and it is has been gaining popularity and credit ever since. KP&P is one of the leading companies to produce electronic Kyorugi equipment and software.
Taekwondo Kyorugi was judged by human resources so high possibility of errors and mistake so It was a challenge to a whole new world for the new approach and the company that produced the existing martial arts supplies and Taekwondo supplies (KP&P, 2013). KP&P’s product is innovative to solve...