Controversy of Global Warming

The Controversy of Global Warming
Clifford Cox
DeVry University

Environmental Controversy
For decades we have lived in this world without knowing the effect we have on the environment and how it can affect the future. The WWF reports that the world has lost more than 50% of its wildlife over the last 40 years ( I think this is significant because it shows how our actions as a society is affecting the environment. Animals are simply innocent bystanders in our craze for power and money. There are conflicting views on why something like this happens, is it a byproduct of global warming ? Does global warming exist ? Does the decline of animals have anything to do with humans ? The world spends most of its time trying to harvest oil and continue its daily uses however I feel like just as much research and effort should be put into finding renewable energy and making it mainstream. If we've lost half of the Earth's wildlife in 40 years, what will the next 40 years look like ? Humans relentless pursuit of the Earth’s resources is believed to be the main factor in climate change. Despite this widely accepted belief there are those who believe that global warming is not an issue and that the focus should be about nuclear warfare or global economics. The question becomes do we continue to mortgage the future to save the present? Or do we begin planting seeds for future growth ? The truth is even though we carry ourselves like we have unlimited resources, the Earth is a finite planet.

Most large organizations place a premium on profit and cutting costs. The higher the focus is on profit, the lower the focus is on the environment. Ten years ago, there was an even smaller premium on protecting the environment. The government has taken steps to put companies on notice to change their ways. Despite their efforts, they are stuck within a dilemma. On one end, continuing along the same path that we’ve been doing could destroy the environment and leave us...