Controlling Organized Crime

Organized crime is a huge problem that the world has been fighting for years. Organized crime has been glorified is such movies as Hoodlum, Casino, and Belly. Movies such as these have given many people the perception that organized crime is a good thing, due to the money, power, and respect that is comes with. According to Organized Crime (2007), to a great extent these images form the basis for stereotyping what the public generally perceives as organized crime. However, these images fail to portray organized crime realistically. The truth is that organized crime is a huge problem that affects the world in a very negative manner. In this paper, the author will explain what organize crime really is, the negative impact that it causes to lives and the economy, the legal limitations of it, and realistic solutions to combat organized crime.   Organized crime can be defined as a group of 3 or more that is organized structurally for illegal purposes such as drug dealing, political corruption, violence, and/or money laundering. The causes of individuals joining these groups can stem from many reasons such as the Alien Conspiracy Theory, Differential Association, Anomie, and/or many others.
Problems Presented with Organized Crime
The economy and law abiding citizens are mostly affected by organized crime groups. According to Organized Crime (2007), it states that citizens are sometimes the direct victims of organized crime enterprises by methods of violence, extortion, intimidation, etc.). Secondly, billions of dollars of tax revenue from organized crime go uncollected (estimated at $37 billion in lost taxes every year), resulting in higher tax rates for law abiding citizens. Thirdly, expenses related to law enforcement, criminal prosecution, and imprisonment of convicted members create a substantial drain on the economy of any community. Organized crime has created a huge impact on many communities that are striving to achieve a safe and law abiding community free...