Contribute to the Children and Young People’s Health and Safety

Contribute to the children and young people’s health and safety

Performance Criteria (PC)

1-Know the health and safety polices and procedures
of the work setting:

1.1 outline the health and safety polices and procedures of the work setting:

Health And Safety

Wizz Kids day Nursery has a health and safety procedure in place   to ensure that everyone in the setting including children and staff work in a healthy and safe environment. These Procedures help staff identify how to deal with any risk when it happens and how to minimize the risks on a day to day basis. Children will always play , and this is something which we can not stop , What I can do is make sure that the area they are playing in or the equipment they are using is safe . Some of the procedures for health and safety are
- doing continued risk assessments
- Report all incidents
- Knowing all the fire drill procedures and all fire exits

Relationship Boundaries:

- In the interest of safeguarding children and protecting themselves, staff
should establish and maintain appropriate boundaries in their
relationships with children, their parents/carers and each other.
- Staff   at Whiz kids should never   show any favoritism to any particular child or their
- Staff should treat everyone with respect, we should always encouraging team spirit.
- We should never have Relationships outside of the work place with parents/carers are not
- The Nursery Manager or relevant persons should be notified immediately if any of the above Situations occur .
- There could occur a time that a parent has asked a member of staff to privately babysit , when this happens the associated person needs to inform Whiz kids manager
who then would ask the parents to sign a disclaimer to disassociate the
nursery from all responsibility.

Uniform Dress Code:
- Whiz kids provides a uniform to create a smart image, and to identify
all staff members to all our families and visitors.
- All...