Contrasting Analysis on Ann Putnam and Rebecca Nurse

Contrasting Analysis on Ann Putnam and Rebecca Nurse
Both Ann Putnam and Rebecca Nurse could be seen as one of the respectable women in the village of Salem. Ann’s husband, Thomas, was the wealthiest man in the village. Francis Nurse, Rebecca’s husband, had a good reputation as a mediator for past disputes and people thought highly of them. Even if their background seems similar, it was just on the surface. In the play, their actions and dialogue serve illustrate the stark contrast between the two of them.
The village of Salem was ruled by theocracy, which means that there’s heavy religious context imposed in the community. In a Puritan society, it is no surprise that Ann Putnam and Rebecca Nurse are Christians. It must be emphasized that declaring oneself a Christian is only on a superficial level, but one’s voice and actions will prove if they are really true believers on the inside.
Ann Putnam is only a Christian on the superficial sense to blend in with the rest of Puritan Salem, but she doesn’t really live out the teachings of her Christian faith. Ann is a very superstitious person and shows a morbid fascination in the supernatural. Ann also had the frequent urge to link every seemingly insignificant occurrences to the supernatural without justifications. She believes that all her past and present misfortunes were the devil’s work.
“They(Her 7 babies) were murdered… how else is she struck dumb now except some power of darkness would stop her mouth?”
“I’d not call it sick, the devil’s touch is heavier than the sick.”
“She cannot bear to hear the lord’s name… mark it for a sign!”
The slow manifestation of her fascination towards the supernatural led her to seek out answers through witchcraft and black magic. In Act 1, she confessed to seeking Tituaba’s help in conjuring up the spirit of her several dead babies. Her desire to seek out answers through paranormal channel proves that her status as a Christian was only a façade to blend in with society....