Contract of Employment

Contract of Employment


1) [Company name] whose Registered Office is at [Registered address of the company], (“the Employer”) and

2) [Name of employee] of [Address of employee] (“the Employee”)

IT IS AGREED that the Employer will employ the Employee and the Employee will work for the Employer on the following terms and conditions:

1. Job title

The Employee’s position is that of [Job title].

The Employee may from time to time be required to carry out such other reasonable duties as the Employer may decide, without additional remuneration, should this be necessary to meet the needs of the business.

2. Commencement and continuity of employment

The Employee’s employment with the Employer began on [Date].

The Employee’s continuous employment, taking into account any service with Employer and with any previous employer which counts, began on [Date].

3. Probationary period

The first [Probationary period] of employment will be a probationary period, during which the Employee’s performance will be monitored.   The probationary period may be extended by the Employer.   During the probationary period this employment may be terminated by either party giving one week’s notice to the other in writing.

4. Hours of work

The Employee’s normal working hours are:

    Monday             from to
    Tuesday           from to
    Wednesday         from to
    Thursday             from to
    Friday                 from to
    Saturday             from to
    Sunday               from to

    This is a total of [Number] hours per week.

The Employee may be required to work such further hours as may be necessary to fulfil his/her duties or the needs of the business.   Whenever possible, [Responsible manager] will give the Employee reasonable notice of any additional hours.

* If the employee has agreed to work in excess of the 48 hour weekly working time limit, prescribed by the...