Contract of Employment

Contract of Employment
A Contact of Employment indicates legally the main rights and duties of both employers and employees.
The contract of employment exists to protect both the employer and employee so that both involved in the contract knows what is expected of them. The Employment Rights Act 1996 states that within the first eight weeks of the employee’s new job, the contract of employment should be sent to them and completely understood. The contract of employment should always include the most informative information about the job title.
Contracts of Employment should include:
  * The names of the employer and employee
  * The job title or job description to ensure that both the employee and employer agree with the job role
  * The date employment commenced, the place of work and the address of the employer
  * The hours that the employer expects the employee to work
  * Holiday pay entitlement is also included in this document so that the employee can organize holidays etc. and also for the information so that the employer can organize rotas and replacement staff for this period of time
  * Sick pay arrangements will be included so the employee knows to inform the employer when they will not be able to attend work due to a sickness
  * Pension agreements will also be stated in the contract of employment to inform the employee of what rates they will receive when they claim their pension. This will depend on the company individually and what their terms and conditions are
The example for a contract of employment that I have chosen states the above and relates to a real-life Contract Of Employment.