Future Change
We change for change
This is in a whole new range
Make some cash to
Throw a bash
Don't let new drama
Get you down
Those guys and girls will come around
Survive chemistry without dying
Get past teachers without crying
(look up and smile)
New music, new style
Whatever you do it'll be worthwhile
From memories in the past
To living life fast
It's a new game
There is no one to blame
Hanging with friends
The fun never ends
Themes for homecoming
Get the 'fro
Playing sports
(look up and smile)
Get through the year with a perfect 10
It's summer time but school will come again
(look up and shake head)
Senior year will soon be here
But it's okay there's nothing to fear
Friends will come and friends will go
Friends may leave you feeling low
But they'll be there in the end
That's how you know they're a true friend
(look up and smile at friends)
Spanish is something you have to learn
Promenade, it will soon be your turn
Everyone knows about the Senior prank
Trap a teacher in a fish tank
Have fun while it lasts
The end will be here so have a blast!
(look up and smile and nod then look down and continue)

(Continuation Ending Paragraph)
Our class has changed much over the years and I hope that we will continue changing for the better as we transition into high school.   As Chris has said we have had a lot of great memories and we will continue to make new memories year after year. We need to really enjoy these next four years because they will fly by. Our class has the ability to make a difference, to create change. With our newly elected Student Council, we will make Kimberly High School the best it has ever been. I look forward to sharing these next few years with all of you. Thank you.