Context in Macbeth and Polanski’S Production of the Play

Shakespeare’s Macbeth was written around 1606, during the Renaissance era of Elizabethan England. Many hundreds of years later in 1971, Polanski directed his own film version of Macbeth. In both of these two Tragedies of Macbeth; historical, cultural and social influences have affected aspects of the play. Some of these aspects include witchcraft, King James I, the Raphael Holinshed’s Chronicles, the Manson Murder, the era of which it was made, and many more. These influences can be seen in key scenes – the opening scene, Macbeth’s meeting with the witches, Duncan’s murder, Lady MacDuff’s murder scene, Lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking scene and the closing scene.  
The Renaissance era of the Elizabethan times was between the years of 1558 to 1603, where the ideas and works of artists and writers evolved and flourished dramatically. It was a time where people believed in witchcraft and superstitions, and also the age of many new discoveries and creations. When Queen Elizabeth I died, King James VI of Scotland – later to be known as King James I succeed her, and the Renaissance era continued to thrive in England. Shakespeare, growing up during this, was culturally and socially influenced by the Renaissance period as well as the monarchs ruling at the time and thus, it was reflected on his Tragedy of Macbeth.
Another cultural influence affecting The Tragedy of Macbeth would be the portrayal of women during Elizabethan times. Women were supposed to obey men and were inferior to them. However in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, just before and after Macbeth commits the deed, Lady Macbeth is edging him on. She presented as a strong and ruthless character.    
A historical influence that has shaped Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Macbeth would be the Raphael Holinshed Chronicles. The Raphael Holinshed Chronicles were the main source for Shakespeare’s plot for Macbeth. These chronicles were written by Raphael Holinshed, along with other men, and were based on the histories of different...