Content Writing - the Art of Compelling Storytelling

Have you ever exclaimed while reading a piece of information, "Hey, that's an amazing story! It’s so insightful too. Why didn't I ever think of that before?" If you have, then be sure that you have had the good fortune of setting your eyes on some real good content writing. The internet is brimming with varied genres of information, some useful while others meant for pure entertainment. However, it is interesting to note that not every article attracts our attention even though it might impart valuable information or is meant to create awareness. This leads to the significant question – in what way can we attract the attention of our audience? The answer is simple.
Storytelling through Content
Just as Samual Jackson has rightly said, “What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure”, content writing in today’s world no longer means jotting down useful information in a straightforward manner. Such an approach often is dull and boring and does not register in the minds of its target audience. Readers need compelling stories that would tickle their senses, make them ask for more or even urge them to include suggestions at the end of the write-ups. Be it technical information of a product or service or just a promotional review of a new launch, information laid down should be in a manner that should not only be unambiguous but also should look appealing to the desired readers. Only then the purpose of generating the content can be successfully met. Our online audience is diverse with respect to their geographic locations as well as cultures. The tone of our writing should be able to accommodate such disparity and hit the mark. The thumb rule is to keep it simple.
Make it Impactful – Going Viral
Not so long ago promotional newsletters used to be a complete no-no and ideal for increasing our spam mail count. However, lately, newsletters come with such interesting visuals, infographics and clever headlines that we can no longer ignore them and give...