Content Language Integrated Learning

Name and surname(s): Walter Chacon Serrano.
Login: CRFPMTFL1574975
Group: 2014-02
Date: April 08, 2015
Note: unfortunately I could not take part in this task in pairs due to a personal inconvenient, I did everything by myself.

Introduction: CLIL – An initial view to an interesting approach.
2. CLIL around the World.
3. Friend of Foe?
4. CLIL in Costa Rica. Perspectives in the near future in English Teaching in Costa Rica
.5. Conclusions 
6. Bibliography

1. Introduction: CLIL – An initial view to an interesting approach.
When we talk about Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), we refer to educational settings where a language besides the learner’s mother tongue is used as a medium of instruction in subject content not only as a linguistic framework for teaching. Many supporters of CLIL have come to the conclusion that this approach is not only afar but a new approach that will be leading content instruction in our modern globalized world from now on and will provide not only more multilingual students but also a cost-benefit political savings. (Marsh, web page accessed Nov. 20th, 2009).With this definition by David Marsh, we could consider that CLIL classrooms are not typical language learning classrooms, since language is neither the designated subject nor the content of the interaction but the medium through which other content is transported. This essays aims to discuss the various issues that have been put on the table posted as advantages and disadvantages to this interesting approach as well as considering whether Mexico is ready to fully implement a CLIL methodology in its bilingual context.
2. CLIL around the World.
This term has become an international concept which has changed demographic developments which have transformed European societies into communities which receive immigrants; and have consolidated in the European Union and the...