Contemporary Search for Love

Sociology T1 2010 - Final Project
Professor. S. Losa

Hyung Suk Lee | 568717912
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How is the contemporary search for love linked to wider changes in society?
It is interesting for us to view the modern day concept of love from a sociological point of view, ever since humanity’s conception of love, the “search for love” has been affected by its society and its sociological surroundings and concepts. This is true to the extent that the society that we live in creates or shapes the way we think about life and how we should live it. This in itself therefore creates the rules to how one should approach the search for love. We have seen cases over history where the notion of love has changed due to society’s norms and obligations.
To define our research issue, first, are the changes in society over centuries that have changed people’s perception of love and what one expects from the “search for love”. From this, we deduce the notion that, current society has geared the contemporary love search to a search for “high specs” between potential partners.
From love stories of Cleopatra to Romeo & Juliet and to Princess Diana, (Appendix 2) in human history, there exists some similarities but stark differences in the mindsets of love even in those social eras at the time. At first there was love that was usually for a greater good, for power and for social gain. In times when it was impossible to climb the social ladder, barriers existed to limit such love affairs; still this was one solution to escape...