Ashleigh Jones

MKT 120

Mr. Flynn

23 June 2012

Assignment # 3

First before you approach any buyer you should make list of what your ideal prospect looks like this is called a prospect list. A prospect list is a list of individuals qualified to purchase a product or service, maintained for promotion in the expectation that they will become customers. Then you determine how can be a more effective salesperson person and what type of strategies you will need to close more sells. In my opinion the three key approaches for a salesperson to adopt in planning are narrative, suggestive, and consultative.
  1. The first key is the narrative approach; the narrative approach depends on how quickly you move as a salesperson. Every buyer receives the same presentation you as a salesperson need to highlight all the benefits of the products or services. This will motivate customers and can generate a large base of potential customers.

  2. The second key is the suggestive approach the suggestive approach the suggestive approach depends on the seller being in a position to offer alternative recommendations. This is different from the narrative approach as the presentation is giving to each individual customer. The salesperson must initiate conversation so he/she can see where the buyers mind frame is.

  3. The third key is the consultative approach the consultative approach requires the salesperson to have an understanding of the customer and what the customer is trying to achieve. The role of the salesperson is to become an adviser or consultant. The salesperson should know what to offer each individual customer during the sales presentation, this approach you have to be very skilled including: listening, being persuasive, and being creative.