Consumer Society

Outline the argument that consumer society in the UK is a divided society

The way in which individuals and groups of people buy goods and services is referred to as consumerism. A society in which individuals buy new goods often, especially goods which they do not need and a society   which sees owning many things as a high value is referred to as a consumer socity. It is a post industrial term in which that society catergorzies individuals by what people consume rather than the jobs that they do or the good which they produce.
We, as social scientists identify the different attitudes to why people consume and how this emulates the social and cultural differences.   This essay will explore the ideas of consumerism and how it forms inequalities.
We live in a society where consuming goods   is more of a leisure activity rather than an essential need. The choices and freedom we as individuals have in regards to where, how, when and how we consume is vast. Every turn we take in a road, when we swtich on the tv or the internet, the emergence of retail parks and online shopping has provided us an alternative. We not only consume goods, but we are able to consume services and experience too.This new rise of consuming has divided contemporary society.
So where did our love of consuming these unessesery goods begin? The rising wealth and prosperity in the uk has seen mass consumption of cheaps goods being made, some say at the expence of the third world countries. While the rich become richer, our consumption status has substituted our occupational status, and now we are able to express ourselves and our individuality through consuming. Warren Susman also adds that the services and goods we consumer establish and displays a personal identity and social inclusion to others, which he called 'performing self' . We buy for the pleasure of fitting in to society rather than buying for our own need. But some may argue that our consumer society doesn’t really...