Consulting Report -Amba 630

A Consulting Report – A Look into Allegis Group, Inc.’s Leave Policy
On behalf of Teksystems Global Employees
University of Maryland University College

Case Synopsis
The Arth Consulting group has been hired to conduct an investigation on behalf of Teksystems Global Services employees, a subcontractor of Allegis Group, Inc. The task is to determine whether established leave policies are being followed across all departments that fall within the Allegis Group organization. A case was brought to our attention that some managers of different departments were enabling their employees to abuse the leave policy and undermine the rules that were set in place.   Allegis Group Inc. is an international government staffing service that has several temporary subcontractors that do the work under established guidelines of the parent corporation. The Allegis Group, Inc. has granted each employee that is hired two weeks paid time off along with two floating holidays per year. Each employee is allowed to use that time in 4 hour increments to handle personal business. This time is considered personal time to be used by the employee as vacation, sick, or any other instance where an employee may need time off. The issue in this case stemmed from when an individual had asked to take time off in a 2 ½ hour increment and was allowed to make up the time in order not to use her personal time up rapidly. The employee’s manager responded according to the rules that she must take the 4 hour allotted time if she needed the time off and that she would not be allowed to make up that time in order not to use her time in her leave bank. The employee preceded to tell her manager that other managers in different departments within Allegis Group,Inc., but not managed by Teksystems Global Services but are bound by the same guidelines, were allowed to make up their time without depleting there leave reserves. This put the manager in a situation where the rules were not being followed by...