* The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX)
  * BASIX is implemented under the Environmental Planning and Assessment ACT
  * BASIX aim to reduce water and energy consumption in homes across NSW
Construction basics
  * ACT- general laws
  * BCA- building code Australia
  * NCC- National Construction Code
  * Standards is the bare minimum e.g. 40mm concrete cover
  * SWMS- Safe Work Method Statement (steps to complete talks safetly
  * WHS: Workplace Health and Safety
  * Risk: The probability that a person will be harmed or experience an adverse health effect if exposed to a hazard.
  * Hazard:   Anything that has the potential to harm a person.
  * Hazard Categories:
        * Acute Hazard: A hazard where short term exposure causes an injury or sickness (Burns, Cuts, etc.)
        * Chronic Hazard: A hazard where long term exposure causes an injury or illness (Respiratory, Cancer, etc.)

  * Correct Lifting technique:
            1. Size up load
            2. Position Feet
            3. Obtain good grip
            4. Knees bent and back straight
            5. Head up and Chin in
            6. Keep arms in

  * Main Types of Hazards :  
              * Physical (Noise, Vibration, Manual Labor)
              * Chemical (Gas, Vapor, Dust, Fumes)
              * Biological (Insect/Animals, Fungi)
  * Risk Control:
            7. Elimination
            8. Substitution
            9. Isolation
            10. Engineering Controls
            11. Admin Controls
            12. PPE

  * PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): Last line of defense
  * WMS (Work Method Statement): Contains the steps to perform a task properly and safely (it usually contains the potential risks of the task that has been assessed and categorized)
  * MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Contains composition and name of the chemical and also gives safe use and first aid.
Fire safety
  * Fire...