Construction Methodology

Construction Methodology for Pre-Cast Reinforced                 Concrete Girder Bridge


This methodology relates to the construction of foundations and superstructures for a pre-cast reinforced concrete girder type bridge.

The scope of works comprises the construction of two abutments, five piers, two lanes deck slab, approach slabs and grouted riprap slope protection.


        At the initial stage, significant number of manpower, field personnel and sufficient materials and equipment will be deployed at site. Detour roads will be constructed before starting the bridge construction. Detour signs and warning materials and equipment will be provided for the safety purpose of the public motorists, pedestrians as well as construction equipment and workers.

        Within the right of way limit, the area will be cleared of obstruction and other unnecessary objects. Material designated to be removed shall be disposed of at places designated and or approved by the authority. Facilities which are designated to remain will be protected from damage.

      The main construction of bridge will follow after benchmarks and centerlines had been established and approved by the consultant’s representative.

        The consultant‘s representative will be notified with sufficient time in advance before commencing any excavation of   structure. Foundation footing will be excavated using suitable excavation equipment and trimmed to the required outlines and elevation.

        Backfill placed around piers and abutments will be deposited on both sides at approximately same elevation to prevent wedging against   the structure. The materials shall be placed in layer and compacted by suitable compaction machine to the required density.

        After structural excavation and blinding concrete had been undertaken and approved, placing of reinforcing steel in accordance with the required number, spacing and location will be...