Construction Companies

Dear New Employees,

We are going to be searching for new clients worldwide. We will find these companies through Google search, The Yellow Pages, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, White Pages, business directory, and other countries search engines. I have attached the key words I want you to use in the search engine to find the right companies that suit our Business.   I have also attached the format in Excel in which to I want you to take down the information that is more important to LVG Auctions.   I will send you a script after we have gone though the e-mails and you have found the e-mails that fit best for us. We hope you can get a feel for what you’re doing.
Before you start searching for construction companies I want you to think about what our business is, we are a heavy equipment and construction auction. LVG Auctions is not looking for little companies that don’t have much equipment. We want companies with some size to them.   Put yourself in their shoes, the company has to have the money to ship the equipment to our country.
The best way of searching for companies on Google is by putting   the key words into Google maps for example “construction companies” you will get a list of construction companies and some of them will have links to their website and others will not. Please take down their information, but I would like you to focus more on the ones with an e-mail address.   It also helps to get even more e-mails by putting the major cities in the Google Map for explain “Brazil São Paulo Construction companies”.   The way I would find the major cities in each country is by searching for them on Wikipedia and they list the cities by population size. Make sure you keep going to the next page on Google maps because sometimes they have better names later on.
Wikipedia will have all of the Major Construction companies for each country. You should make a note of that fact, because this will be great for finding companies to call. They...