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The topic being discussed is about Conservative activists saying that gay marriage threatens religious liberty. The article says that if you oppose same sex marriage then you are a bigot. There is a lot of legal pressure on religious conservatives when it comes to this issue. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston stopped providing adoption services to gay parents because they believe it violates the teachings of the church. Gay advocates feel that the church should not base their decisions on how they feel and they also believe that they should be treated the same as other couples , so as more states legalize gay marriage we are likely to encounter more battles between conservatives and gay couples . In the six states that gay marriage is allowed, the churches and houses of worship do not have to perform same-sex weddings and also, these states prevent same-sex married couples to adopt and go for marriage counseling. In Iowa conservative Christian groups argue that county clerks should not have to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Jim Campbell of Alliance Defense Fund that represents same-sex marriage opponents believe if there is constitutional protection for religious freedom in those same-sex marriage states states, there will always be disputes between the same-sex couples and religious believers. Gay couples feel if they are considered “married” in one of those six states then other states should honor their marriage license by acknowledging their marriages as well. Legal scholars are boosting conservatives and same-sex couples to thrash out this issue because if they listen to each other’s point difficult cases they could easily come up with some solutions.   Religious conservatives do not want to work with gay advocates on passing the gay marriage law. More and more battles will take place in court as more states pass the gay marriage law. There is no willingness between the two sides...