Conservation and Preservation

Each individual must determine between conservation and preservation before clasping the type of issues that exist. Conservation is the action of conserving. This includes the protection of our wildlife and also restoring wildlife and the natural resources. Preservation calls for existing features of land to be retained and preserved. Both Conservation and preservation have comparable meanings. The phrase Conservation has been used for management and control over any area for future using. The phrase Preservation refers to securing land that is not touched by man and for it to remain that way. This is for the children can enjoy the natural beauty in the original state.
The earth has a natural resource that we use. Whenever there is mining and uprooting of natural resources it will affect both plants and animals. There is no way to keep this from actually occurring. This is known as a cause and effect. When is too much is the question that is often asked. When is the right time to say stop and allow the earth to restore its natural resources and allow some forest in their natural state for us to enjoy.
My personal opinion on the whole situation is enough is enough. There are enough natural resources to go around. There are enough natural resources to go around. Every inch of the Earth does not have to be mined in order to achieve what we need. The Bridger Teton forest is going through the same issue. They are in a conflict that the land needs to be mined for the natural resources such as oil. The conflict is that “Bridger Teton is one of the last untouched temper echo systems in the 48 states. They also have the last great wild life herds. Making roads putting in pipelines takes away the natural beauty.