Oh my God! Enough is enough! Why do I even listen to her? I don’t understand what she wants from me? And I think that is our major flaw right there! We don’t listen to each other and end up being like this. I don’t know why I am feeling guilty when I shouldn’t be because I know I am right. She thinks she knows everything and everyone. She doesn’t understand, not everyone is the same. Father said that because at that time he was there to protect us but now there is no one we have to live our lives ourselves! We have to make friends! We have to have others because we can’t live alone. I am done with her daily irritating lectures that don’t even make any sense anymore. I mean I am 18 years old now; I have my rules, my privacy, at least in my life. Shouting at me won’t bring his husband back, he died and now she wants me to die… I am going to leave her alone until she gets back to normal because my presence or absence don’t make any difference to her anyways. And at last I will be able to openly breathe. I am so sick of living in this same old home with same old sarcasm and fights. (She stood up and looked in the mirror, it felt a little strange but It didn’t stopped her from thinking she was right). Oh my God! I look like if someone punched me real hard. (She let her hair down and wiped her tears and sighed).   And now I will have to ask her for keys again. Geez why? Ok! Girl you are going to be really calm. Its ok she is your mother (she laughed ironically).
“Hey mum! Where are my keys?”
“Where are you going Makaila? Its 12 am you know that?” (Her mum replied)
(God! She really cried, such a drama queen) “Mum! It’s none of your business… oh there they are! Hope to not see you soon!”
“Makaila you can’t leave, you hear me! It’s too late. Your dad always protected us from stupid people and your friends--”
“Mom! Dad was a really nice guy! Keep him out of this! Stop pretending that you care about me…and my friends…I don’t want to hear anything about them! You better...