A conflict is a disagreement between two or more parties.   Conflict is an inevitable part of our life, whether it’s a fight or disagreement with someone or something happened which you really had no control over conflict is everywhere and it affects everyone.   The way a society is organized can create both cause of a conflict and the conditions in which it's likely to occur.   Conflict can occur within or across the boundaries of a community, nation or state.   It is usually deep-rooted and long-lasting and can be caused by many factors.   Poverty, bad management, insecurity, injustice and a failure to meet our basic human needs are all reasons that contribute to conflict and once conflict erupts into aggression it is particularly difficult to stop. Everyone mistrusts everyone else, and crime and lawlessness increase rapidly.   There are many forms of conflict from physical to mental ranging in all different categories.   One of the oldest conflicts throughout history is man against his religion or religion against technology.
Since man first invented the wheel there has been a long and eventful conflict between religion and man. Religion often gives many people their sense of identity and if their religion is questioned then they feel that they are questioned and so react accordingly.   Advances in technology have meant that many have questioned the role of religion in our lives and many times technology has disproved religious speculations. Men have wonder if god really exists as there is no proof the he or she exists and whilst some adhere to their blind faith, others with less fervent faith question this devotion and as such conflict between the two arises.   This conflict between man and religion is no better demonstrated than in the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown where technology is moving in great leaps and is leaving religion behind.   Some believe that we should move on others say that we should remain the same.
Religion also challenges many beliefs that...