Conflict Within a Team

Conflict within a team

As a manager it my job to make sure that my employees work together as a team and provide a
workplace free from bullying and immidatition by using effective communication and that each member of the team understands their roles and responsibilities at work and to provide effective training for all staff.   In addition to provide all staff with their own handbook which they can refer to in their own time. All staff received supervision monthly also it an opportunity to discuss performance and behaviour and also to remind staff to follow policy and procedures at all time. Conflict is process that involves people disagreeing. It is usually a process in which one party or person perceives that its interest are being opposed or negatively affected by another party.   Conflict could be created due to different opinions of the interested parties, or due to the show of authority. Conflict are a typical result is usually from the involved parties who try to drop the fault each one in the other consequently many working hours are lost in finding where the mistake in the communication. The causes of conflict in the workplace are.

1) Different cultures and assumptions
2) Differing values, opinions and beliefs
3) Lack of sensitivity to race, gender, age, class, education and ability
4) Poor people skills especially communication
5) Volatile, and a fast-changing workplace
6) Limits on resources physical and psychological

The conflict at the workplace is leading staff to develop negative feelings for one member of staff. Who feels that there are in charge of other staffs?
Who have worked in the care sector for many years? While this member of staff it is their first ever
job in the care sector. So therefore have little experience but feel because they have a degree in
microbiology this makes them more knowledgeable and superior to their colleagues. Needless to say
this has resulted in conflict. Most of the other members of staff have...