Conflict Scenario

Conflict Scenario
Verbal Orders
Robin Duuring
University of Phoenix
Conflict Scenario Verbal Orders
      This conflict scenario occurs in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) that involves verbal orders and Computer Physician Order Entry (CPOE). This involves the Director of the PICU, the Physicians of the PICU and the Staff Nurses in the PICU. To understand this conflict better the view of all involved will be discussed along with the behaviors, responses, and the impact this conflict has on the PICU.
The Conflict
      During a recent staff meeting, the Director of the PICU announced that the Physicians had an issue with putting in verbal orders in the CPOE hours after the medications had been given. Their complaint with having to do this is that they sometimes have 30 or more patients and that the Staff Nurses only have one to two so the Staff Nurses should be putting in the verbal orders in the CPOE when they receive them. The Physicians are tired of staying over to place these orders in the CPOE. The Director informed the Staff Nurses that they needed to help the Physicians with this since the Physicians are so overworked.
Individuals Involved
      Many individuals who needed to be involved in this conflict were not directly involved or aware when this conflict was brought to the Staff meeting. These individuals are the Director of Nursing, Risk Management, the Clinical Practice Committee, Policy and Procedure Committee, and other organizational heads. This conflict was discussed among a small group of individuals without it going to or through the proper channels to be solved in an appropriate manner. The individuals directly involved in this conflict are: the Director of the PICU, Physicians in the PICU including Attendings, Fellows, and Residents and the PICU Staff Nurses.

Views of the Conflict
      Each of the individuals involved with this conflict have different views. These views are as follows:
      The Director’s...