Conflict & Negotiation

In the business world today conflict is one of the biggest problems a company has to deal with when regarding their employees and production.   Conflict can come from a number of different scenarios and can cause numerous problems or issues.   The Negotiation process is another key element for most businesses to run at maximum efficiency which leads to maximum profitability.   Performing proper negotiating tactics helps to reduce conflict in many areas of business and ensures a company can obtain all available beneficial terms.   In the following there will be a detailed definition of conflict which will include the differentiation between the traditional, interactionist, and managed-conflict views of conflict; as well as an outline of the conflict process.   Finally proper negotiation will be defined as well as a contrast of distributive and integrative bargaining, the five steps of the negotiation process, how individual differences influence negotiations, an assessment of the roles and functions of third-party negotiations, and cultural differences in negotiations.
The concept of conflict does not discriminate against a particular portion of society but pulls at the coat strings of many American workers, unfortunately only a portion of society of receive the proper assistance.
Women in particular have made enormous strides of breaking barriers and leveling the playing field, once strategically architecture by men. Arguably the barriers of forty years ago are removed and the grass is trimmed. This is evidenced by the enormous strides women have carved in the path of success. Women represent a growing number in education and many economic sectors. For instance 50% of the undergraduate classes of 2003 at Yale, a prestigious Ivy school, were female. Similar statistics or higher are found at Berkeley law School, Harvard, and Columbia. Favorable statistics have even found their way among top professions, previously dominated by males. Nearly 40 % of the medical...