Conflict in Consensus

Semi-detailed Lesson Plan
In Social Studies 1
Salazar, Catherine L.

I. Objectives
During a 60-minute period, grade 1 pupils are expected to:
A. The students will become comfortable working with each other in an academic and social atmosphere.
B. The students will explore the concept of making maps by becoming familiar with their classroom and the rest of their school and engaging in the actual building of a school map.
C. The students will discuss the concept of community and how it applies to their classroom.

II. Subject Matter --------------- Building a Community
    • Materials ----------------   8 ½ by 11" sheets of plain white paper (enough for each child to have one)
      B. Crayons, markers, colored pencils
      C. Pre-cut large geometric shapes; squares, rectangles, and skinny (2") white strips of paper
      D. An empty bulletin board
      E. Various magazines that may be cut up

III. Procedure
  Teacher will read
  B. Students will discuss how the main character used a map to explore the land and to become familiar with it.
  C. The students will be taken on a tour of their room led by their teacher. The teacher will use a map that she made to guide the students from one location to the next.
  D. The class may gather for a whole group discussion to discuss any questions or curiosities that the children may have.

IV. Evaluation
  The children will be asked to make a map of their room that shows where either some of their favorite things are or they may be as specific as they want.
  If there is time after everyone is done drawing, meet for a group discussion and let each of the children explain their picture. This may have to be split up into two separate times of the day due to the attention span of the children.

V. Assignment
Familiarize your selves in our school map.