Conflict Against Society

Conflict against Society
Raskolnikov is the main character in the novel “Crime and Punishment”. He opposes society throughout the entire novel. Raskolnikov has a theory about people and society. It seems as though he follows this theory very diligently. His morals and ethics are questionable from what is perceived to be the correct way to live ones life.
Rodion, the main character, feels that certain individuals in society have the right to commit crimes and not receive punishment, others that are not worthy of this right must be able to endure the consequences. Rodion has an interesting view of how society should or should not work. He had the chance to write an article for a magazine on exactly how he views society as a whole. In the novel he discusses this view with a few other men. These men did not agree with his view, they might have even thought Rodion to be insane.
Reading this novel may cause one to conclude that Rodion’s morals are not quite like others. He has his own view and it is difficult to say whether it is correct or incorrect because everyone is entitled to their opinion. In the beginning of the novel Rodion has become obsessed with the idea that he is a super human. He feels that, since he is a super human, he should not be required to abide by the same laws as others in the society. The view of his has caused him to think that he can commit an unforgivable crime.
After murdering the pawnbroker Rodion feels remorse for his actions. He has convinced himself that he is unstoppable and that he is superior to others. He believes he should not be required to abide by the laws. The essay he wrote sealed the idea into his mind. Throughout the rest of the book he feels that every human can find morality again. He soon confesses to Sonia, she says to be forgiven he must ask God for the forgiveness.
Dostoevsky has now left the reader questioning whether Rodion is a monster or a human like anyone else. Rodion is in love with Sonia and wants...