Conduct a Marketing Audit

Assessment Materials
BSBMKG515A Conduct a Marketing Audit

Task 1 Knowledge test

Assessment description and Requirements
For this Assessment Task you are required to demonstrate your knowledge of relevant legislation, practices and underpinning knowledge requirements in the nosiness marketing sector.

  1. Review the written questions provided.
  2. Provide written responses to the questions. Click in the space provided and type your answer.
  3. Submit your responses in the agreed timeframe.

You must provide:
  * written responses to all questions provided.
Your assessor will be looking for:
  * evidence that you understand the required legislative requirements
  * evidence that you understand marketing practices in the business sector

  1. What are the elements of the marketing planning process?
The elements of the marketing planning process are its demographics, needs, trends, growth, economy and politics.-

  2. For each of the pieces of legislation listed, describe the intent of each and how it could impact on the process of conducting a marketing audit:
      a. anti-discrimination legislation
This legislation permit to every employee or potential employee to receive the same treatment of every other person. This legislation is against discrimination of different nature, like: Sex, race, nationality, marital status, age, gender or disability.
      b. occupational health and safety
This legislation is compulsory for every organisation, doesn’t matter if it’s big or small or in which field it works.   It must be taken in consideration also where the organisation is located, because each territory and state has different requirements.
      c. privacy laws
This legislation protects the handling of personal information of the customers from an organisation. Every organisation must protect the customer’s data and is allowed to share upon customer’s request or special circumstances.