Concrete Mixing Plant Need to Be Installed with National Requirements

Concrete mixing plant need to be installed with national requirements

Concrete batching plant should ISO14001 environmental management standards as a means to join hands to ensure that the construction and engineering works to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment and to maximize reach landscaping construction environment. To meet environmental and safety goals, especially the development of the following measures:
1, the use of raw materials in line with national environmental requirements, and does not produce polluting concrete.
2, the upper part of regular checks of dust silo facility is intact, non-dust pollution to the atmosphere.
3, the entry and exit of vehicles for capacity to be clean, to highlight corporate image CI; vehicle speed control within the construction site within 5 km / h range, to prevent concrete spilling.
4, out of site personnel are not littering, polluting the environment;
5. Do not carry out on-site personnel inflammable and explosive materials;
6, out of the field of vehicle emission test certificate must have in order to approach; honking construction site is strictly prohibited.
7, all the equipment to do regular checks to ensure the integrity and prevent oil spills.
8, to ensure concrete machinery in the best condition in the construction, there is noise abatement measures should be used immediately to reduce pollution concrete construction noise;
9,regular concrete batch plant staff safety education and conduct various education-related laws and regulations, improve the quality of project personnel safety;
10, concrete machinery operator must be certified, in strict accordance with chapter operations, no mechanical work accidents, responsible for overseeing the dispatch from the field;
11, at the construction site is strictly prohibited smoking and alcoholism.
12 ensure the quality of concrete and the case of normal production to maximize energy savings and resources.
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