Concrete Mixing Plant Announcements in Rain

Concrete mixing plant Announcements in rain

Construction of large temperature changes during the rainy season, the vagaries of climate, the higher the difficulty of construction, in order to ensure the smooth implementation and quality of the project, the need to develop a set of practical construction scheme for concrete batch plant in rain period.
1. Site preparation: venue within the mixing station checks to clear drainage channels, time to sand separation equipment, sedimentation tanks, drains, drainage tank for clear, clean, to ensure smooth drainage, parking lot pavement ensure smooth, smooth.
2, raw material preparation: development based on production volume production of raw material procurement plan, as used with inlet and prevent a large backlog of material, improve the acceptance of materials, custody; rainy season air humidity, moisture should be strengthened custody of the material, at any time observation bunker sealed case, open dumps material for moisture-proof material should be placed at the bottom, in the upper part covered with waterproof tarpaulin to prevent rainwater intrusion shower.
3, the device is ready: the harsh rain of equipment working environment, to manage equipment maintenance more difficult, and therefore the need to strengthen equipment maintenance checks to prevent sick operation; stirring mass production machinery, concrete, transportation, pumping construction, machinery maintenance, transportation and construction site venue arrangements to ensure the normal safety equipment and construction personnel;
4. Transportation preparation: strengthen the management of the tanker during the rainy season, the water of the tank and promptly clean up leftover concrete and dirt; rain run first inverted tank, the water drained to eliminate quality problems resulting happen; establish safety awareness, enhance traffic safety education;
5, site preparation: active and serious survey the scene to determine the safe transport routes,...