"Why is the initial consultation so important? What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time ?

In our daily life ,communication is a role we use verbally and non verbally.When we are born we are
filled with experiences and we learn things that is important to us.We gain a belief system from the
environment that surrounds us , for instance cultural influences , languages and the weather . As we
grow older we discover our personalities such as our likes and dislikes , we bu ild trust and form
relationships with others .However, we are all different and If we have a negative concept of ourselves
it can be difficult for an individual to accept positive suggestions.There are two parts of the mind , the
subconscious and the conscious mind. The conscious mind has the ability to be critical of suggestions
Chrysalis (2014). However , the subconscious mind got a power to perceived best action to ensure our
survival and to reduce our anxieties in the quickiest manner Chysalis (2014). With these two parts of our
mind, we refer to the Conscious Critical Faculty. The CCF is the internal filter we use to interpret of how
the world works based on all we have learnt rightly and wrongly since we were born , Hypnosis
Uk( 2014). We interpret the world through this filter and accept information that makes us who we are
and can quickly dismiss any information that opposes our view of the world. Therefore, Hypnotherapy
can be a helping tool for an individual who would like to have a positive change or an individual with
specific problems, may it be fears ,low self esteem or eating and smoking habits.
If a client chooses the path to Hypnotherapy, an initial consultation is very important. An initial
consultation is a first face to face interaction between the client and the therapist.This may sometimes
be free or a charge may apply , it depends on the therapist but bare in mind you can never be certain
what type of individual you will meet , you...