Concerns and Complaints. Nvq Level 5 Health and Safety

Unit reference number j/602/2336. Unit credit value 6.
Development procedures and practice to respond to concerns and complaints.

1.1 Identify the regulatory requirements, codes of practice and relevant guidance for managing concerns and complaints in own work area.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults is a shared responsibility. In order to do this, we need to
Listen and stand alongside some of the most vulnerable people in our home. In addition, we need to work with all our staff, residents’ family and friends and outside agencies to prevent abuse, where this is possible, and with each other to make sure that a sensitive and effective response is made to support individuals who may have been abused. This will contribute to the range of prevention, support and protection measures needed to meet the needs of vulnerable adults. One of the main forms of legislation is the Health and Social Care Act 2008. The Health and Social Care Act 2008 established the Care Quality Commission as the regulator of all health and adult social care services. It is a single Act of Parliament that contains the commission’s powers and duties, and represents the modernisation and integration of health and social care. It contains some new powers of enforcement that were not held by any of the predecessor organisations. Regulations are made under powers set out in the Health and Social Care Act 2008, and they provide more detail about the powers and duties the commission has, and about the duties that people providing and managing services have. The regulations made under the main Act change more frequently than the act itself. To resolve concerns / complaints as quickly and effectively as possible, through an informal response by a frontline member of staff. If this is not possible then through a more formal investigation and conciliation in an open and non-defensive way to ensure that all concerns / complaints are dealt with in accordance with these procedures. To ensure that staff,...