Concept of Nature

Richard Anderson IV
Thursday October 13th, 2011
LARCH 361 Experience of Place Autumn 2011

Mini-Project #2: Concept Model of Nature

Nature Concept Statement
Creating a concept of nature requires a broad and creative sense on exactly what we need to create to supply the human need within a given space.   When you take a look at the definition of physical nature around us, it states; “Nature, in the broadest sense, is equivalent to the natural world, physical world, or material world. Nature refers to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general” this definition is key in creating a model of the physical, natural, or material world that surrounds us all. Nature can also be associated with wildlife, weather, and geology. All things associated with wildlife include grass, trees, animals, and water. All of these factors are somehow linked and related to “nature” which brings a very important connection when creating a concept model of nature. In my creation I wanted to implement all these details of “nature” within the limited space. Being within the constraints of Seattle, in my opinion, the wildlife factor of nature is a diminishing factor as our city begins to grow especially in the downtown area. However, there may be many tourist attractions and shopping centers the lack of public space is abundant.
My concept model focused on the limited amount of public space within the downtown area and created a public park that hits all the factors of our physical, natural, and material world along with our wildlife and environment. Inner-city parks are very rare with the creation of the suburb. The downtown area takes out the values of physical space, wildlife, and private sanctuaries that are usually involved in the suburbs. Creating an inner-city park that gives people their own private physical space along with wildlife brings a more emotional and vibrant environment for a downtown area that creates social interactions within a space. The...